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Kostas Trikalis is an experient musician from Greece.
In August 2019, he composed 99 song with Renoise tracker.
He distributed the album "Spot IFY TriKhordo The One Left!" through prds aggregrator (

It is a mix from various countries, cultures and musical genres.
Greek bouzouki is the main actor in all composes!

Have a listen here:

Kostas says:...These are 99 songs of electronic music that I wrote within a month to overcome the problem of leaving things in the middle ... :)
It started as an experiment. We had a very detailed conversation with a friend and we talked about inspiration, music production, copyright etc. So he suggested that I start writing a song with organic music that is addressed to the worldwide community ... I recommend writing 100 together !!! He found it impossible... So 99 songs were written as a challenge because the album could fit so much. And it was normally called: the one missing! :)

Music production is about compositions with the renoise program. Genuine bouzouki recordings, midi accordion recordings, strings, bass, drums and samples of world music (genres) and countries (Japan, China, Balkans, Scandinavia, America, Africa, etc.) were sampled. They used drums from unknown Amazon tribes, speeches from forgotten dialects, Indian sounds of snake-chickens and everything else I found strange (polyphonic Albanian songs, Russian dances). At the forefront is the Greek TriKhordo bouzouki, a custom experimental instrument.
More aimed at dj or musicians who want to reuse material for new creations eg 2 meters loop sampling!
Give it a try!

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